Customer or you – a legally capable individual who places orders and purchases Goods from RRK GARMENTS TRADING L.L.C presented on the website roziecorsets.com for personal, domestic and other needs that are not related to business activity.

Seller – a legal person RRK GARMENTS TRADING L.L.C, organized according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates, which maintains roziecorsets.com website.

Service Providers:
 - Dubai (the United Arab Emirates), CSS eLogix L.L.C. 17B , Street no:29, Industrial Area-2, Ras Al khor, Dubai, UAE
other appointed from time to time.

Site – the website operated by the Seller, located at the Internet address roziecorsets.com

Goods – an object (item of clothes, accessorize or another material asset) offered for sale on the Site.

Order - a duly arranged and placed order of the Customer (all of the required fields in the «Shopping cart», «Process order» sections are filled in) addressed to the Seller for purchasing and delivery of the Goods to the address specified by the Customer. 

  1. Right of Withdrawal. Customer is entitled to withdraw the Goods without penalty and without the need to give any explanation, within fourteen (14) days after the date of delivery of the Goods.
  2. Non-Refundable. Goods purchased on final sale are not eligible for return or a refund.
  3. Goods Exchange. The Seller do not offer exchanges. If you would like a different size or model, please use our return service for the incorrect items and place a new order for the right ones.
  4. Refusal to Receive. If the Order has been delivered and the Customer denies to pay the taxes according to the legislation of his country, the Seller is obliged to redeliver the Goods and withhold the return charges from the amount paid to the Seller.
  5. Costs of Return. In case of return of Goods of improper quality the redelivery will be at the Seller’s expense or the cost of redelivery shall be refunded in case of payment by the Customer. In all other cases including the redelivery by the courier chosen by the Customer and not approved by the Seller the redelivery will be on the Customer's expense.
  6. Return Form. Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal set forth in paragraph 1 above by filling in the specific online return form,
  • by filling paper return form, or
  • by an unequivocal written communication to the address indicated in the return form included in the package of the delivered Goods (each one hereinafter the “Return Form”).

The Seller will confirm that the Return Form has been properly received by sending an email message to the address notified by the Customer.

  1. Dispatch Process. In the event of withdrawal, Customer shall dispatch the Goods back to the Seller or its Service Provider within seven (7) days after the date on which the above notice was submitted, following, at his/her discretion, one of the following ways:
  2. Send the Goods to be given back to the address expressly referred to in the Return Form by means of the courier indicated by the Seller in the Return Form.
  3. Send of the Goods to be given back to the address expressly referred to in the Return Form by means of the courier chosen by the Customer at the Customer’s expense only;
  4. Redelivery to the address expressly referred to in the Return Form (the Customer will give back the product/s along with the Return Form and one identity document).
  5. Requirements for Returned Goods. The Goods must be given back along with the original packaging (including the packaging materials and the documents, if any, accessories, labels, identification tags, seals, etc.) and it is to be carefully stored and used only for the time strictly necessary to verify its nature, specifications and size, and must show no signs of wear or dirt, as indicated below:
  • The right of withdrawal may be exercised only with respect to the entire purchased Goods, partial withdrawals (accessories, complements, etc.) are not permitted;
  • The transit of the Goods, until the Customer receives confirmation that the product has been properly returned and delivered to the Seller, shall be at the Customer's exclusive responsibility for the cases indicated under the paragraph 6b or c. Therefore, if the Goods have been damaged during transit, the Seller, shall inform Customer thereof in order to enable the latter to promptly send the relevant complaint to the courier and claim a refund; the Goods will be made available to Customer and the withdrawal notice will be cancelled;
  • The Seller, accepts no responsibility for Goods damaged, stolen or lost while in transit, or, in any case, in relation to their shipping, whenever the shipping back to the Seller, is processed according to one of the modalities indicated under the paragraph 6b or c.
  1. Verification. Once the Goods are received, the Seller will check them in order to verify that they are consistent with the terms and conditions set forth in this clause and, should the results of such verification be negative, it shall inform Customer by email that the value of the returned Goods is reduced due to Customer’s failure to comply with the conditions mentioned above. By the same mail, the Seller shall also notify the amount that it will deduct from the amount to be refunded, unless Customer elects to have, at its own expense, the Goods sent back to him/her in the same conditions in which they were returned to the Seller.
  2. Refund. The Seller shall refund to the Customer the verified amount after deduction (as described in the paragraph 9 or redelivery cost as described in the paragraph 5) within 10 (ten) days from the date until the returned Goods are properly received and verified by the Seller.
  3. Loss the right of withdrawal. In the event that the right of withdrawal is forfeited (for example when the Goods are returned damaged when the same has been sent through a courier chosen by the Customer), the Seller shall send back to Customer the purchased Goods, charging the latter with the relevant shipping costs and, if already refunded, the price of the Goods.
  4. LEGAL WARRANTY FOR LACK OF CONFORMITY. The Seller shall be liable to the Customer for any lack of conformity that exists at the time the Goods are delivered. At the time of delivery, the Customer is required to check the Goods in order to ascertain that it conforms with the Goods ordered and that it does not show any defects. The Customer shall immediately inform the Seller of the existence of any such lack of conformity when the Customer detected the lack of conformity. Any action by the Customer for lack of conformity shall be brought within a period of two (2) month from the day the Goods are delivered.