Conditions of the actions - "BLACK FRIDAY" 
"20% off on the second product when buying 2 or more items on the website



1.1 During the period of the promotion, the customer who bought two or more items on the website, has the right to receive a 20% discount on the second most valuable product in accordance with the terms of these rules

1.2 The whole range of Rozie Corsets online stores is included in the promotion

1.3. The product to the used discount is determined as follows:

1.3.1 The Products selected by the customer are distributed in descending order of Prices from the highest to the lowest.

1.3.2 For the goods from the second in descending order of value a 20% discount of the value displayed on the site is provided.

1.3.4 The validity of the promotion is from November 25, 2021 - November 28, 2021

1.3.5  The discount provided for the promotion is not calculate with the promotion for the first purchase when subscribing to the newsletter of the site



2.1 The customer has a right for return according «Return police» learn more

2.2 If a part of the goods is canceled prior to receipt and payment, the discount is recalculated in accordance with the terms of the promotion

2.3. When the goods are returned under the promotion, it is canceled, the discount for the remaining goods is recalculated in accordance with the conditions



3.1 During the period from November 25th - November 28th, all orders are placed on the website delivered free of charge.